Focus Group Session in Greece: What are the results?

During September 2023, professionals supporting young carers along with young carers were invited from EDRA to participate in a focus group organized in the framework of the project Nexus: connecting research, policy and practices to support young carers.  It proved tough work as the status of young carers is not yet very well known in Greece. Therefore, it was difficult to find professionals specifically working with young carers. However, we managed to have interviews with professionals supporting vulnerable social groups of people in which young carers may be included.

The people who participated in our research were seven from whom there were three social workers in municipality services and day centers for people with dementia, two psychologist in mental health settings, one researcher psychologist in Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer and one former young carer. The results showed that both professionals and young carers need training to familiarize themselves with the development, implementation and evaluation of policies at European level in the field of young carers.

We hope the material that will be produced during the Nexus project will cover the gap that exists in the professional’s field regarding the connection of research, policy and practices to support young carers.

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