NEXUS Project and training course development : Let’s listen to Young Carers voices!

The NEXUS Project partnership is working on the development of a training course on the relevant key competencies needed by youth workers to contribute to research and policy on the young carers they work with. In the different countries of the partnership, young carers have been directly involved in this process. Through dedicated meetings, their ideas and opinions are being collected, which help us to gain valuable insights to improve the materials developed.

We cannot reveal all the details yet, but during these meetings it emerged how best to involve young carers in the activities and policies that concern them. One young participant stated: ‘For me, it is important to involve young people because not everyone has the same understanding techniques’, while another participant pointed out: ‘In my opinion, involving them can also be an opportunity to make young people with a role of responsibility feel comfortable’.

The young carers suggested the need for change in the contexts they attend, particularly in education and school. They sustain that educational meetings in schools and activities to facilitate identification in their shoes by teachers and peers are crucial. Moreover, they feel that those who interact with them should try to understand their experience and their lived experience, especially in an educational context.

In addition, it was emphasised that diversified and creative involvement methodologies can reach more young people. According to them, practical support activities such as short first aid courses, appropriate psychological support services, intergenerational activities and sharing spaces for young carers offered by local associations should be promoted.

These sessions not only provided useful insights into the creation of a more effective training course, but also underlined the importance of the voice of young carers in contributing to policies and services for them. The NEXUS Project thus continues to work to ensure that these young people are heard and supported in the best possible way.

Cover Picture by Sharefaith on Pexels