Captivating Moments from the International Young Carers Conference in Manchester

It is becoming increasingly important to organise events and training on the topic of young carers. Concerning this,Eurocarers, one of the Nexus Project partners, organised in collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University, Carers Trust, Linnaeus University, Swedish Family Care Competence Centre-Nka, and MY TIME Young Carers, the 4th International Young Carers Conference.

We’re thrilled to share a selection of captivating photos from the recent International Young Carers Conference in Manchester!

The Conference took place on April 9-11, 2024, at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. and it involved over 300 participants from around the world.

More than 50 current and former young carers attended in person, alongside renowned scholars and practitioners such as Professor Saul Becker, Professor Elizabeth Hanson, Andy McGowan, Krista Cartlidge, Stecy Yghemonos, and Dr. Ally Dunhill. The conference also welcomed national and EU policymakers, including the European Parliament Coordinator on Children’s Rights, Vice President Ewa Kopacz, and the Children’s Commissioner for England, among others.

The conference delved into the critical themes of Inclusion, Empowerment, Support, and Impact concerning young carers. With over 80 presentations and numerous workshops, the program was intense and highly informative. The atmosphere was exceptionally friendly and emotional, fostering a deep sense of community and shared purpose.

These images beautifully capture the spirit of collaboration and learning that defined our time together. Take a stroll down memory lane and relive the unforgettable moments we shared as advocates for young carers worldwide.

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